Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dancing Queen, waterfights and late night edible castles!

Girl's Camp Ritchie 2008!
Theme: Wonders of the World
The following is a documentary on the habits of teen girls (and a few old women) in the back woods of California. This is a one week observation of the rare species and behaviors.
Rachel brings the house down singing "I am Harry Potter"

Julia sings "Almost Love" to a full crowd!

Shaving cream fights!

Campfire fun!

Guess who the Adult Councelor of this pack is?

Territorial water balloon fights.
Dancing Queens (Caryn, Carol, and Sandy)

More "I am Harry Potter"
Happy camper!
Thriller Dance (yes they learned the whole dance during free time)!!

Late night mattress surfing (a youth staff priveledge).
Cooks prepare edible late-night castle (without the broccoli center tonight).

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Girl Meets Book--July 2008

I have been reviewing cool books for over two years now. I thought it was time to add them to my blog too!
The Orange Girl
by Jostein Gaarder

read my review