Wednesday, February 3, 2010


1. Made lunch for Curtis Stapp--peanut butter and honey, prunes, apple, chips.

2. Took Alex to seminary/worked out at gym/picked him up.

3. Showered/Read Moses 6/Ate Yogurt/Cuddled Samuel/Prepared for classes.

4. Tutored in poetry and taught a short class on Hokusai, the artist.

5. Theater class--14 students! Theseus and the Minotaur!

6. Ate popcorn while visiting with Natalie :) (does this count for my visiting teaching?)

7. Softball coaching @ 1pm--16 kids, caught a fly (this is monumental btw).

8. Cards with Melissa and Sarah. (Nertz, I think I won.)

9. Went with Melissa to pick up her new puppy (Kissed Teddy the Pup).

10. Ate In-n-Out, thanks Curtis. (hamburger, well done, w/ everything, took out most of the onions)

11. Dropped off scouters in uniform.

12. Read my news online/checked FB, chatted with Julia (highlight). Missed Julia.

13 Blogged while listening to a WWII film in the background.

~there you go. Thursdays are ever so much more relaxed.