Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not without Mom

Julia went to a fast-food restaurant today. This particular on-the-fly-eatery, let's call it M*, is not her favorite (In-N-Out), but someone treated her so she went and she ate. She ordered food off the menu like any normal luncher would. But for some unknown reason, she could not seem to get the main menu item down. Gravity was on her side, but it just was not falling. She managed to down about half and gave up. Next she walked around and did some deep breathing exercises. She was on the edge of truly defying gravity. I heard the whole story tonight as she recounted the scene to Rachel, "I just couldn't throw up without Mom there!" Made me feel so good I think!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Full Belly Farms

In May, our group was blessed to get a spot overnight at Full Bellly Farms. We drove into the Capay Valley amazed at the beauty and production of the glorious organic farm. We ate, worked, slept and played on the farm. It was the most amazing experience for me this year!!!

hay rides around the farm

gathering eggs for breakfast

samuel loves the farm animals

making butter while singing and dancing

harvesting flowers for drying

yarro for flower drying

we drank fresh milk for breakfast and saved the cream for the strawberries

Samuel would make a great farmer

feeding chickens using the feed on foot method

refreshing swim in Cache Creek

harvesting potatoes for dinner

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I have become a bit of a hypermiler for the past few months. Not up to 100 mpg, like the more serious and somewhat dangerous hypermilers, but I have improved my mpg. Here are the hypermiling tips out there on the www--don't use your breaks (especially when turning), use your gas pedal only when necessary and very lightly, avoid stopping at all, empty out your car of excess weight (went to Weight Watchers for this), turn off the AC, close the windows (aerodynamicy). It's actually kind of fun. I brought my mpg up about 5mpg. So with a 20 gallon tank, that means I can go 100 more miles than before. Unless, somebody drives my car and disturbs the mpg. "Hey, I've been working so hard, fellow drivers have been honking and staring me down on the road and now my MPG work is ruined, ruined I say!"

Or get this one, someone takes the car and parks it for 12 hours with the keys locked in the car with the motor running all day!!!! THAt'S 0 MPG!!! NADA! I'M speaking Spanish HERE and WE just filled the car up with gas LAST NIGHT!!!!! There is joy in every somthing or other when there's love at home. Ahh, I feel much better. Thanks for listening.

Choco, Popco & Tomato

Having had the flu here for a few days and coming back to my appetite, I thought I would post a delicious blog of essentials.

Chocolate In my past, any chocolaty temptation was a go. Now, unless I am really desperate, it has to be dark all the way. Although quite popular among some consumer's, Milk leaves a sugary, pasty after-taste. While Dark leaves you marveling in a long-lasting, bitter-sweet and lovely sensation. You really only need one to two quality choc-chips (I'm particular about brands) every half hour to feel like you been to the all-day-choco-rama! Caution: Out of control choco-chipping can be habit forming. Keep a year supply just in case.

Popcorn, which I happen to be eating right now. Everybody who knows me, can tell you about my popcorn and my machine. The machine is a relic, 1979-80?, JCPenney, two toned, electric, hot-air popper. The machine was owed by my brother at BYU and handed down to me in 1982. It has never failed me and has popped over 30 billion kernels. What? You don't have a kernelometer? I wish I had a car as faithful as my p-machine. Oh well, now for the p-corn commentary. I know most of you love your p-corn oozing with butter and salt. Some of you are even risky enough to try other flavors. I found one that I've been stuck on for years. This recipe is very simple, yet cannot be made by most people (except Rebekah). Curtis does not attempt it. It takes white kernels, popped in the old machine (I cannot lend this out), drizzled olive oil (this is the hard part, for the drizzle must be precise), granulated garlic (I went through a 26oz bottle of this in 6-8 months), and coarse sea salts (from Spain). I have made many friends, but no lovers (Curtis can't smell it anymore) making and eating garlic popcorn. This popcorn goes well with Canasta and Nertz!

Tomato There is no veg...fruit..veg? whatever as wonderful as the tomato. As I peak out my window over my computer, I can see the tomatoes have reddened since I started this entry. A sign that I should quit, but do read about the tomato. It is growing out there in every form and size. It will be a juicy tangy snack, lovely roasted salsa and to-die-for pasta sauce (ours are salmonella free), sandwiches, salads....Do you not agree, ketchup lovers, that the tomato is incomparably the fruit? fruit of aah and wonder?

You may leave your food opinions. Off to pick a tomato!