Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fake Random Letter Fortunes


The above is just a random hit of the keys.  Now I will look to interpret what was hidden inside the randomness for my future.  OK, looking deep with my extra sensory word and letter powers.

It looks like I want to start uh some sort, wait some kind of pig way outer Hubble space suit. Maybe I am suppose to send the pigs that started this whole flu to outer space.

Feel free to type a short random phrase.  I will interpret the meaning for a small price.   The longer the phrase the higher the price.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easters

Double Click to see full view on youtube!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Come on down to The Woodland Opera House folks! Starring a load of Stapps (Curtis, Julia,  Alex and Samuel).  The show is high energy and you will love it!  To order tickets online--

PS.  Curtis is crazy onstage.  For all Curtis fans, you will not be disappointed!!  Feel free to leave your review (i.e.:great egyptian arms, lousy drums etc)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fools Run Red Lights

In true April Fools fashion, I ran a red light on Main street in Woodland today.  Looked around, no cops!  Whew.  I drove up a few blocks, turned right on College and there he was flashing  and riding his cycle, in the rear view.  Turned into the Salvation Army parking area asking sister Rachelle, "how could he have seen me that far away"?  I pulled out my license, took a deep breath, and felt ready (hey this is the forth time I have been stopped in six months*). 

Did you know you have a broken windshield?  Windshield, yes officer, I did know that, my husband did that with a long 2 by 4, is that illegal?  I handed over the license, the State Farm info, then he asked to see my registration.  I fumbled through the paperwork for this and showed him it in its envelope. For some reason I did not hand it to him, I thought a visual was enough. 

Here is when he extended his hand.  I thought how friendly, so I grabbed his hand.  You know, American's do this, shake hands.  It was a nice hand, very warm and a bit pudgy.  I thought, he's letting me go and this is his way of saying so long.  His face dropped here.  I'm not sure if the look was perplextion or embarrassment, but it was unusual under the friendly circumstances. He says here, "I need to have your registration."   I mentioned to the officer that I thought we were done here with the handshake, my face turned hot, it dawned on me that this gesture was not his intention at all.  There was to be no friendly handshake.  He just wanted my paperwork.  

End of story except for one last thing.  After the ticket was issued and he headed toward his bike, I yelled out the window, "Thanks and high five!"  I mean really, we had a certain connection and I was thankful that he did not see my red light infraction! 

stopped in Idaho for speeding, got off real easy $20 fine not on record
stopped in Woodland for seat belt infraction, got off because seat belt was on, but top of belt was tucked into armpit of passenger
stopped in Woodland for cutting off officer, got off after pleading blocked visual