Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Great Joy!

I am most happy reading. Today I scanned the Wall Street Journal, read Jacob 5-6 (Book of Mormon), looked over the online headlines, a few stories in the Reader's Digest, the end of the book "A Man Named Dave" by Pelzer and the beginning of a Cushman (one of my all time favorite teen novelist) called "The Loud Silence of Francine Green". This does not include all the reading I did shopping at Winco, online school planning, and checking my email. I am so blessed to know how to do read!!! What a gift. I want to thank the California public school system for this wonderful skill! Some may think I did not get anything else done. But I actually spent most of my day working outdoors. Someone asked me once how I have time to read so much. My answer, "I don't enjoy watching T.V." If you read this blog, maybe you could leave a list of your reading habits for the day. I would love to hear the details. ~Happy Reading

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tom Sawyer--The Musical August 15-Sept 14

Sid Sawyer will be as annoying as every while going head-to-head with Tom. Don't ask me how difficult it was to part and place Alex's hairs just so. Thank goodness for Dippety-doo and bobby pins. Pay back for for being so annoying!

PS. Curtis will also be singing, dancing and starring as the local teacher!

Tickets are $20 Adults, $18 Seniors 60+, $10 Children 17- with discounts for Balcony ($10 and $5 for kids) and groups of 10+. Call 530-666-9617