Friday, July 10, 2009

Big Flowers, Sewing, and the Salsa

It's harvest time!  Here is what we have growing.  Swiss chard (not sure why), carrots (all over and eaten), basil and other herbs, two varieties of peppers, 5 varieties of tomatoes, blackberries (all made into pies and smoothies),  2 types of squash, okra for Julia and Curtis, and sad to say strawberries that aren't doing well.  We are also the proud parents of six sunflowers, which average around 10 feet tall!  Their circumferences are unbelievable.  This is on of the few that can still hold its head high.

Also here for your viewing pleasure, I am finally finishing up Julia's quilt!  I will hopefully be done by tomorrow morning (when Julia return from YW Camp)  Thanks for all the help Rachel and Nat!

Tomatoes are dripping off the vines! I have been picking about 20-30 a day!  Here are some of the finest on the grill ready to make salsa.

The lovely black somewhat carcinogenic finish will make a fine batch.  I also roasted the jalepenos.

photos by Rachel Marie Stapp

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Take out the Verbage

Words I prefer not to hear (or say if I can help it). 

Boring, bored:  When people use this word I cringe.  It is a way of saying I don't enjoy the people I am with, the gifts God gives, so just entertain me.   Instead use "the trip was uneventful" or "thank you for this peace and quiet" or "I had plenty of time to think".

Hate:  I had a missionary companion that used this word so much, that I rarely ever say it.  There is too much to love and enjoy.  The source of hate is powerful and leads to misery.  Instead use:  "this is not to my liking" or "instead of the liver and onions I think I will have the chocolate mousse".

Crap (or carp*), Suck and all those other words that pass as non-curse words:  Guard your tongue and what flows out.  These word limit your brain power and leave an ugly impression. Imagine a fine and beautiful woman appearing, then opening her smile to blackened teeth.  It is such a turn off.  Instead use:  "of all things" or "that takes the cake" or "how could that be" or "that is unbelievable"

*Curtis was explaining to us how some of the women at Young Women's Camp were using course language and instead of saying the word he spelled it C-A-R-P.  Carp?