Sunday, July 15, 2012

Family Time Farewell

Julia spoke in church today.  She is a very strong person and will serve the Lord well in Baguio. She and I sang.  She is leaving on Wednesday.  All our family is over right now.  We just ate some sandwiches and pie.  Daren is talking about tent campers.  Mike just brought up family commune topic.  We are all looking forward to our family reunion camp trip in August.  Sarah wants a camper and does not want to sleep on the ground any more. It has been a delightful Sabbath Day.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Here is a list of things I wrote down at church that I can do when I am feeling unproductive. 

1. Kettlebell Workout
2. Cook some good healthy food for the family
3. Visit Teach
4. Garden
5. Clean a shelf
6. Read (Shakespeare, scriptures, Ensign, Church News)
7. Do personal progress.
8. Sew
9. Take a nap
10. Paint my nails
11. Call someone or send a letter.
12. Pray
13. Sing/Play the paino
14. Plan an outdoor family activity
15. Ride my bike
16. Paint
17. Think about Christ
18. Pray (I put this twice, maybe I will be more productive if I double up on this one)
19. Read poetry to the boys. (they are going to love this)
20. Blog.

When I productive I feel happy and that's the way I want to be...HAPPY!