Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Counter Argument

See if you can find the counter argument in Samuel's paper here (typed without correction)

My Dad deserves the award "The Top Helper". He helps clean. He finds things that are lost. And he fixes things that are broken.

My Dad keeps things tidy. He helps clean my room. He makes the yard spotless.

My Dad always fixes broken things. He fixes dishwashers to spinklers. The things he fixes are always good as new.

I know you probably think my Dad is lazy. But when it is working time he is the best. He keeps things spotless. He is a great seeker. And items that are broken will be fixed.

Samuel Stapp

A Message For Our Day

Friday, October 9, 2009

Engaging Thoughts

Rachel and Ben called last night. There's going to be a wedding. I already knew it, but it became more concrete with the diamond on her hand. Here are some thoughts running through my head.

1. Ben is adorable, funny, tall, good and will produce like children.
2. Rachel is happier than ever and she has an immense love for Ben.
3. Rachel and Ben are going to the temple! Curits and I could not ask for more. It is the true blessing of life. I thought giving birth to her was the incredible moment, but this!!! Wow!
4. I hope I can get to the fabric store, and then there's the cakes, food, decorations, money, December weather, it's going to be the party of the year!!
5. Grateful for my sisters and friends! Feel the faith, it can be done (in a wheelchair).

Monday, October 5, 2009

Feeling Young Again

I have not showered since last Wednesday. Almost a week. To boot, I played a sweaty and crazy ball game that day (about 5 hours after my last shower). I don't think I stink, but people aren't really being straigtht with me either. It's like I am a child again. Sometimes people talk like I'm not in the room. Natalie came over and planned my life through 2020 (that's when my leg heals and I become an adult) Julia has 100% been treating me like a baby. If I don't have my leg at just the right angle...well! She has been rubbing my head and has totally taken over the household and raising my boys. Curtis bought me some baby wipes. I believe these have to do with the no shower dilema in which I find myself. When they start serving creamed meats and showing old Barney reruns, I might has well throw in the hooded towel.

ps. I love you all!!!