Friday, November 20, 2009

Scared Straight

A month or so ago I had Julia cornered for a heart to heart. Since she is no longer in the seminary program at church, not taking college courses (which usually includes a religious course), and not attending sunday school (she is working with the children's primary) I had some concerns about her spiritual welfare. Wanting to express myself in a way that she would understand I said, "You know Julia, the first thing that happens when you stop reading your scriptures is you start showing up in public wearing a tube top."

Feel free to ask me advice about your parental concerns.

~Caryn Stapp, parenting expert

Saturday, November 14, 2009

No stopping a Tidal Wave

I suppose once you stamp and send 250 announcements to your child's wedding you can't easily stop the nuptial tidal wave. Of course it is not impossible. About a year ago I received an invitation to a wedding of the daughter of an old friend. Two week later I received a retraction to the invite. The wedding was off. What happened? I know nothing. But I can guarantee that the mother of the unbridled youngster was worked to the bone to no end.

I am being worked, tested... but with ribboned and embossed announcements now in the air mail system, I'm extremely certain there will be a happy ending. My daughter is getting married. She is going to the temple. She is going with Ben. Ben will happily take her there. We are going to celebrate together with family and friends. Ben will take her to a new home. Then they will have 10 grand kids for me to kiss.

The announcements are out, there is no stopping it and I'm extremely happy!