Friday, November 20, 2009

Scared Straight

A month or so ago I had Julia cornered for a heart to heart. Since she is no longer in the seminary program at church, not taking college courses (which usually includes a religious course), and not attending sunday school (she is working with the children's primary) I had some concerns about her spiritual welfare. Wanting to express myself in a way that she would understand I said, "You know Julia, the first thing that happens when you stop reading your scriptures is you start showing up in public wearing a tube top."

Feel free to ask me advice about your parental concerns.

~Caryn Stapp, parenting expert

Saturday, November 14, 2009

No stopping a Tidal Wave

I suppose once you stamp and send 250 announcements to your child's wedding you can't easily stop the nuptial tidal wave. Of course it is not impossible. About a year ago I received an invitation to a wedding of the daughter of an old friend. Two week later I received a retraction to the invite. The wedding was off. What happened? I know nothing. But I can guarantee that the mother of the unbridled youngster was worked to the bone to no end.

I am being worked, tested... but with ribboned and embossed announcements now in the air mail system, I'm extremely certain there will be a happy ending. My daughter is getting married. She is going to the temple. She is going with Ben. Ben will happily take her there. We are going to celebrate together with family and friends. Ben will take her to a new home. Then they will have 10 grand kids for me to kiss.

The announcements are out, there is no stopping it and I'm extremely happy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Counter Argument

See if you can find the counter argument in Samuel's paper here (typed without correction)

My Dad deserves the award "The Top Helper". He helps clean. He finds things that are lost. And he fixes things that are broken.

My Dad keeps things tidy. He helps clean my room. He makes the yard spotless.

My Dad always fixes broken things. He fixes dishwashers to spinklers. The things he fixes are always good as new.

I know you probably think my Dad is lazy. But when it is working time he is the best. He keeps things spotless. He is a great seeker. And items that are broken will be fixed.

Samuel Stapp

A Message For Our Day

Friday, October 9, 2009

Engaging Thoughts

Rachel and Ben called last night. There's going to be a wedding. I already knew it, but it became more concrete with the diamond on her hand. Here are some thoughts running through my head.

1. Ben is adorable, funny, tall, good and will produce like children.
2. Rachel is happier than ever and she has an immense love for Ben.
3. Rachel and Ben are going to the temple! Curits and I could not ask for more. It is the true blessing of life. I thought giving birth to her was the incredible moment, but this!!! Wow!
4. I hope I can get to the fabric store, and then there's the cakes, food, decorations, money, December weather, it's going to be the party of the year!!
5. Grateful for my sisters and friends! Feel the faith, it can be done (in a wheelchair).

Monday, October 5, 2009

Feeling Young Again

I have not showered since last Wednesday. Almost a week. To boot, I played a sweaty and crazy ball game that day (about 5 hours after my last shower). I don't think I stink, but people aren't really being straigtht with me either. It's like I am a child again. Sometimes people talk like I'm not in the room. Natalie came over and planned my life through 2020 (that's when my leg heals and I become an adult) Julia has 100% been treating me like a baby. If I don't have my leg at just the right angle...well! She has been rubbing my head and has totally taken over the household and raising my boys. Curtis bought me some baby wipes. I believe these have to do with the no shower dilema in which I find myself. When they start serving creamed meats and showing old Barney reruns, I might has well throw in the hooded towel.

ps. I love you all!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Change is Humbling

I remember the first week I stood in front of the 3-11 year old singers at church.. They were extremely intimidating. Their little patent leather shoes shining in my eyes. An older young lady glaring me down. Older boys slouching and scowling. One girl lifted the dress over her head and caught me off guard. Hmmm...Maybe if I try that I could get their attention. I thought better and just started wearing strange costumes and using dramatic accents.

A year and a half later and I feel comfortable making a fool of myself in front of 30 some odd young children. Kids are my passion. They young ones like to wrap their arms around my leg and tell me family secrets. I especially love this part. We have cried together (mostly the sunbeams when they don't get called to help). The 9-11 year old boys have gained so much self-confidence by pointing out every one of my minute flaws. (Believe it or not, the teachers can sometimes be the hardest to control. I have perfected ways to bring them down.)

In a few weeks we will perform our years work for the parents! It will be my last moment with these little friends. A wonderful way to go out! Looking forward to the change and the humility (or humiliation) I will experience in my new life experience.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coming Back to the Fold!

It is Saturday.  I'm going back on Facebook today!  I have something really important to say to the world and it cannot wait!  And I feel out of touch!  Besides, I've got to see how my husband is doing anyway.  

All of you who thought I was a strong willed person , think twice!

I vaguely remember my new password, something about addiction or the 12 step Facebook anonymous program.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

facebook hiatus

I'm officially taking a break from Facebook!!!  YES.  I have had a great summer eavesdropping on everyone's life, photos, information.  I especially have enjoyed responding to FB friends ups and downs.

Years ago I took the plunge and said goodbye to T.V.  What a wonderful thing that was.  I'm not so sure I will be as happy about getting off Facebook, as it is so much more entertaining.  I will give myself a week.  I have not taken myself off the social network.  I should know in a weeks time how I feel about the facebook fast. 

I have changed my password and made it so difficult to remember that I cannot get on without working things out with the password police.  I have taken it off my bookmarks, and this morning actually felt relieved about it.  It was license to refocus on my own family (which was the purpose of getting FB in the first place).   

Anyway, all you FB friends (I took my twitter bookmark off too, but may have to get back on this because I get into Julia's mind through this medium) who read this blog, you can call me or email me or better yet, just come over!  I love you ALL!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Costco Photo

I wrote this entry last spring for another blog, but I was using my own advice today at my beloved Costco.

Costco has a great price on 4x6 photos. 13 cents!!! I made 150 photos of my Mom for around $20 for her funeral. The folks who attended loved them.

Here are some ideas for using your 13 cent print.

1. A marriage anouncement photo in glossy or matte (I will not be needing this advice anytime soon, right?)!
2. Kid photo postcards (put the photos on tagboard and send them across the planet).
3. A special gift with all your photos. You can have a spectacular DVD made there for only $14.99.
4. How about a 13 cents glamour shot for your valentine.
5. Take pictures of places around town and do a treasure hunt!
6. For 13 cents you can take a picture of your kids room when it is clean and frame it.
7. Send a family photo along to the IRS with your tax return.
8. Download a picture of _________ and use it for dart practice.
9. Take a picture of your baseball team and save money on team pictures!!!

I mean for 13 cents, you can't go wrong.  I'm doing a really fun idea for my church primary choir!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


An object may consistently gravitate homeward, to its parental pull, yet there is a time, a force, a strong industrial size power, which known senses alone cannot detect, that reels the object to another, more meaningful mass.     ~c. stapp 

Friday, July 10, 2009

Big Flowers, Sewing, and the Salsa

It's harvest time!  Here is what we have growing.  Swiss chard (not sure why), carrots (all over and eaten), basil and other herbs, two varieties of peppers, 5 varieties of tomatoes, blackberries (all made into pies and smoothies),  2 types of squash, okra for Julia and Curtis, and sad to say strawberries that aren't doing well.  We are also the proud parents of six sunflowers, which average around 10 feet tall!  Their circumferences are unbelievable.  This is on of the few that can still hold its head high.

Also here for your viewing pleasure, I am finally finishing up Julia's quilt!  I will hopefully be done by tomorrow morning (when Julia return from YW Camp)  Thanks for all the help Rachel and Nat!

Tomatoes are dripping off the vines! I have been picking about 20-30 a day!  Here are some of the finest on the grill ready to make salsa.

The lovely black somewhat carcinogenic finish will make a fine batch.  I also roasted the jalepenos.

photos by Rachel Marie Stapp

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Take out the Verbage

Words I prefer not to hear (or say if I can help it). 

Boring, bored:  When people use this word I cringe.  It is a way of saying I don't enjoy the people I am with, the gifts God gives, so just entertain me.   Instead use "the trip was uneventful" or "thank you for this peace and quiet" or "I had plenty of time to think".

Hate:  I had a missionary companion that used this word so much, that I rarely ever say it.  There is too much to love and enjoy.  The source of hate is powerful and leads to misery.  Instead use:  "this is not to my liking" or "instead of the liver and onions I think I will have the chocolate mousse".

Crap (or carp*), Suck and all those other words that pass as non-curse words:  Guard your tongue and what flows out.  These word limit your brain power and leave an ugly impression. Imagine a fine and beautiful woman appearing, then opening her smile to blackened teeth.  It is such a turn off.  Instead use:  "of all things" or "that takes the cake" or "how could that be" or "that is unbelievable"

*Curtis was explaining to us how some of the women at Young Women's Camp were using course language and instead of saying the word he spelled it C-A-R-P.  Carp?    

Monday, May 18, 2009

Silent Night and Alma 34

Alex woke quietly today. I didn't think much of it. Breakfast went by and I even got a few hugs out of him. I started talking to him. Telling him his chores and duties and stuff like that there. Not a word of dissent. What's up? I realized around 10 am that I hadn't heard a single peep. Samuel spilled the beans. Alex had taken a Vow of Silence. (like a monk) Samuel warned him he would have to brake the vow during his writing class today. But after that and by 1 pm he had his mouth taped up. The taping last a few hours, even long enough to make an appearance with the tape during all my tutoring and to do an errand up the street at a neighbors house. We played baseball with 7-8 families at the park. Not a peep!

As a family we read scripture in the evening. Curtis instructed our son that monks chanted and read scripture aloud as part of their dedication. Tonight we read Alma 34 in the Book of Mormon. It is an insightful and long chapter. We split the 41 verses 5 ways. Around 8 verses per person. Alex was third in line. You could here a pin drop when his turn came round. Was he going to read? If you have the book and chapter open you can see as the third reader, Alex was fortunate to get the shortest set of 8 verses. He opened his mouth.

Tonight I heard some of the wisest words ever written from one of the greatest voices of all times. Alma 34:17-24

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 Reasons NOT to Blog

10.  I'm busy making panini (those sandwiches with lines on them)
9.    It's hard to open up the bottle inside
8.   People are looking over my shoulder
7.   My thoughts seem extremely shallow
6.   Have you read the Judge Clarence Thomas biography?
5.    Busy watching FACEBOOK to see if anyones status has changed (refresh, refresh, refresh)
4.   I am getting to0 old to count backward from 10.
2.   It's almost summertime and I've been preoccupied shopping for a bikini that looks nice.
1.   Spending enormous amounts of time deciding if I "Like" each persons FB status or not.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

H1N1 Going Green

What is this?  Thought you might want to see a photo of the H1N1 (aka. Swine Flu).
To me it looks like lime belly flops from the Jelly Belly (you know the ones that are misshapen and sugary)  Looks very harmless to me!  

ps.  I heard you can catch it from looking at the picture.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fake Random Letter Fortunes


The above is just a random hit of the keys.  Now I will look to interpret what was hidden inside the randomness for my future.  OK, looking deep with my extra sensory word and letter powers.

It looks like I want to start uh some sort, wait some kind of pig way outer Hubble space suit. Maybe I am suppose to send the pigs that started this whole flu to outer space.

Feel free to type a short random phrase.  I will interpret the meaning for a small price.   The longer the phrase the higher the price.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easters

Double Click to see full view on youtube!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Come on down to The Woodland Opera House folks! Starring a load of Stapps (Curtis, Julia,  Alex and Samuel).  The show is high energy and you will love it!  To order tickets online--

PS.  Curtis is crazy onstage.  For all Curtis fans, you will not be disappointed!!  Feel free to leave your review (i.e.:great egyptian arms, lousy drums etc)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fools Run Red Lights

In true April Fools fashion, I ran a red light on Main street in Woodland today.  Looked around, no cops!  Whew.  I drove up a few blocks, turned right on College and there he was flashing  and riding his cycle, in the rear view.  Turned into the Salvation Army parking area asking sister Rachelle, "how could he have seen me that far away"?  I pulled out my license, took a deep breath, and felt ready (hey this is the forth time I have been stopped in six months*). 

Did you know you have a broken windshield?  Windshield, yes officer, I did know that, my husband did that with a long 2 by 4, is that illegal?  I handed over the license, the State Farm info, then he asked to see my registration.  I fumbled through the paperwork for this and showed him it in its envelope. For some reason I did not hand it to him, I thought a visual was enough. 

Here is when he extended his hand.  I thought how friendly, so I grabbed his hand.  You know, American's do this, shake hands.  It was a nice hand, very warm and a bit pudgy.  I thought, he's letting me go and this is his way of saying so long.  His face dropped here.  I'm not sure if the look was perplextion or embarrassment, but it was unusual under the friendly circumstances. He says here, "I need to have your registration."   I mentioned to the officer that I thought we were done here with the handshake, my face turned hot, it dawned on me that this gesture was not his intention at all.  There was to be no friendly handshake.  He just wanted my paperwork.  

End of story except for one last thing.  After the ticket was issued and he headed toward his bike, I yelled out the window, "Thanks and high five!"  I mean really, we had a certain connection and I was thankful that he did not see my red light infraction! 

stopped in Idaho for speeding, got off real easy $20 fine not on record
stopped in Woodland for seat belt infraction, got off because seat belt was on, but top of belt was tucked into armpit of passenger
stopped in Woodland for cutting off officer, got off after pleading blocked visual

Friday, March 27, 2009

true computer confessions

Last night around 11 pm, Curtis turned out the light.  I rolled over, gave him a kiss on the cheek and said, "I love my computer". 

Why Am I A Fan of Daniel Hannan?

I like people who make sense and don't skirt this issues, which is extremely rare in our political world. Check him out telling his Prime Minister, Gordon Brown how it is or should be! By the way, this is currently one of hottest YouTubers! Enjoy and become enlightened. One last question--Daniel, can you move to America?

PS. I love how the British say figure!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cone Update!

For those bloggers who read the below post about the cone zone, I have a little announcement to make.  I now am in possession of my very own cone.  Now this is not your ordinary plastic dirty orange old highway cone.  It is bright orange, but my dear sweet husband surprised me with a sturdy retractable cone.  It was in the driveway when I came home and he ran out to remove it as I came in the drive.  I feel so special (can I use the word special?)!      

Monday, March 23, 2009

Catastrophic Cooking With Caryn

Yesterday I made burritos.  I started with 1/2 lb of ground beef.  I rarely cook with the stuff, and maybe this is why.  After browning, I added what I thought was taco seasoning (Costco size) and to my surprise and utter dismay cinnamon was applied (Costco size). I knew better than to try to wash the ground beef  and reuse, because this is not the first time I have made the mistake and it didn't clean out the taste.  Next I warmed up some green chilies in the microwave.  I would add half the chilies to the black beans and use the rest as garnish.  Taking them out of the microwave, I turned and it just flew out of my...chilies on the cupboards, floor and across my legs.  I almost (should've) gave up, but no.  I started in on the tortillas.  These are special delectable Costco tortillas.  Fortunately, I had a lot of them.  After cooking about 5 of these lovely rounds, I smelled something burning.  Funny??  Nothing seems to be burning.  Except, wait,  I have placed the plate with cooked tortillas on the adjacent, never turned off, burner.  Did you know that a plate, when it gets to a certain degree will explode?  I learned this yesterday cooking burritos.     

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Enjoying Life Again

Now that Mom is gone, Dad is renewing his love for exploration of nature and capturing it on his top of the line camera!  Friday we hiked around the Nimbus Dam area.  We climbed to the top of a small, but steep hill, listening to the wild turkeys.   This photo was the view we found there.  Do I really need to travel far and wide to live, learn and grow?  The few hour we spent were filled beauty and wonder.  Dad has a gift of finding what to some may otherwise seem insignificant, but on closer look that there bird's nest is amazing and worth a second visit.  

Sacramento Temple and Skulls

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Had a Dream

of seeing this beautiful rendition of "How Great Thou Art" performed live.  My dream came true last night.  It was life changing!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Why I would not make a good Fascist Dictator

So I'm kinda new on facebook. But I got this email saying somebody tagged me in a photo. I go to the photo. It is so very horrible, and it is out there. I really don't like to get my picture taken. I prefer to view photos of others. This is what stops me from become a fascist dictator. Have you noticed how they love pictures of themselves? They especially love the statue form of themselves. Their countrymen are forced to display these in their homes, schools and all public areas. Then they destroy the churches, in case anybody thinks of looking at a picture/statue of any other revered being. They don't seem to care about anybody else's facebook photos. Of course, these are not candid shots. They are calculated poses. The figures always look very stern, ready for genocide. A photo like this may be useful for dictatorship purposes, but I don't want people to remember me mad, ugly, in uniform and hanging from the top of a building on a 20 foot pole.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Flusymptumitis Tag--I tag anybody with it!

1. Headache
2. Dry deep cough
3. Feverishness
4. Uneasy stomach thingy (nothing tastes good)
5. Chills
6. Don't touch me
7. Green stuff
8. Delirium
9. Messy house
10. Get out of my way if I have to drive. I mean it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Slow 4 the Cone Zone

Years ago I was driving by my friends house and saw in her driveway an orange highway cone.  Out of habit, I slowed down for the cone zone, mostly out of surprise that she had her own cone.  I told her about the cone, and she was unsure how the cone appeared in her property.  I told her it was a special gift, how it made me slow down, and how I almost felt envious of the cone.  We talked at length about it's  many uses.   I would love my own cone for a few reasons. Laundry piles.  I would strategically place the cone between incoming traffic and folded piles.  Next, when I am sick, tired or sick and tired, I would place the cone directly outside the bedroom door and make a sign that says, "$2 fine for disrupting the silence around my orange cone".  I could use the cone on others.  Mostly teenagers.  When they are acting teenagery, I will place the cone near their room, work space, dining spot, etc.  This orangy beacon will warns the others of possible head on collisions and that all traffic must merge far to the left or right of the cone.  Do not collide with this person's perimeter at the peril of your own life and of course, all infractions fines double if you mess with this coned area!  
Now, I need multiple cones for the Sabbath Day.  I could place them in each room and especially one on the other side of the wall next to my napping head.  I could use one right now.  A cone about 5 feet away from the computer so people would stop looking over my shoulder while they are muscling down a very slimy taco in my ear.  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hanging Out With Uncle Mike

Julia had the chance to record a song with her Uncle Mike (a professional videographer). There wasn't much of a background in his office, so we used all the computer equipment and it looks pretty darn good. Mike really knows how to make everything real nice. Thanks!!! I'll be picking up my iMac on Friday!!! YES!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Defragmenting Fragments

I sit here defragmenting my computer. Fragments are flying through tiny chip highways trying to live, but being rejected and sent down the fragment shute. Tiny little particles of, of fragmented stuff, maybe just numbers 110001011. That's what I remember from my Fortran class back in the 1980s. Maybe there are higher digit floating fragments in the new computer age. And maybe this is all a fragment of my imagination.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Learning styles are fascinating to me. Some people can learn in a variety different ways. You may know that I love to read. I learn a lot from reading books. But actually, I retain very little of what I read. This is why I started a web site. So I could remember what I've read. I'm starting to figure out the Book of Mormon after years of study. Finally!

Some learn through visual or listening. Although I would like to think I am learning during General Conference, the truth is, whether it is on video or the written word, it doesn't stick. Yet, certain messages taught through the spirit have stuck with me over many years.

Sometimes this visual learning block serves me well. I cannot remember movies well, so I can watch them after a few years and enjoy it likes it's the first time.

A large percentage of my retention is through doing and creating! Would that be called a tactile learner? Don't read aloud directions to Monopoly. Let's just start playing and I'll pick it up faster than the guy with the race car. I'll most likely make up some fun new rules too. I cannot remember your phone number if you tell me, but if I look at the phone, next time I'll know exactly which buttons to push. That's why I can call people in the dark.

Math was always easy to me. I rarely read directions, but I could look at an equation and see what needed to be done.

If you read this through, share your aptitoodle! Or if you are a professional, feel free to diagnose me.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Furlough (Pelt Lake) News!

NO go Furlough! Curtis is one of the few who will be working the beat tomorrow with the State of California. The big guy, the judge dude, said that these certain agencies cannot be furloughed by Arnold. It's unconstitutional! No telling what will happen next week. Anyway, I went out and bought an In-N-Out burger to celebrate. There is still some uncertainty, so I did not take the kids.

Febuary Booooook!

Chinese Cinderella
by Adeline Yen Mah

Read my review!

Join the club HERE!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Girl Meets Book January Selection

Read My January Review of
Life of Pi

Want to join GMB? Join here.
Want to review this book? Go here.
Want to buy the book? Click on the book above!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

25,000 Random Things

Seems like this "25 random fact about myself" is epidemic. Since approximately 1000 total people sent this too me, that means I have to blog, what, like, 25,000 random facts about myself. So here it goes.

1. I eat
2. I sleep
3. I read
4. I eat crunchy cereal with cold milk poured over the top.
5. I don't like it when the phone rings after I pour milk over my crunchy cereal.
6. I read a really great book
7. I read a great book called Life of Pi
8. Have you read it? (is this a factoid)
9. I give up easily, but never on the important things. Is dieting important?
10. I love reading people's random facts.
11. I am watching Galaxy Quest.
12. I tutor algebra.

25,000. I love big numbers.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Be Happy! My Mom is Beautiful!

Please CLICK ON Picture

The plan of happiness is wonderful. We can become perfect in spirit and body through Christ. The plan brings happiness to all of us left behind knowing Mom, (aka Grandma, Diane) is going to live to enjoy these blessing and we will be there with her as we turn to Jesus. So simple, yet so powerful.

Diane Helen Jensen is Free

Born September 20, 1934 in Oakland to Nicholas and Helen De Lucia, Diane passed away at home, in Rancho Cordova on Jan 17, 2009 at age 74. She devoted her life to her family, her church, sewing, painting, teaching dance, and directing theatrical productions. Of note, Diane choreographed for the Elk Grove Strauss Festival for many years. Lovingly cared for during her long illness by her husband Willis Boyd Jensen, she also leaves children Marcia and Norman Harris, Michael and Pam Jensen, Stephen and Cindy Jensen, Caryn and Curtis Stapp, Sarah and Kent Blair, Rachelle and Daren Anderson, Jared and Christine Jensen, 34 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren, her sisters Susan Rosenquist and Marian Brown, and brother Thomas De Lucia. She is preceded in death by her parents and brothers Nicholas and Andrew De Lucia. Services will be held Friday, Jan 23 at 11 am at the LDS Church, 2400 Cordova Lane, Rancho Cordova. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Alzheimer's Association.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Curtis received a furlough from Governor Schwarz yesterday. Furlough sounds like such a nice word. Fur is so soft and cuddly. Lough (I looked it up) is a lake. It seems like such a wonderful thought to go down to the lake and wrap up in a nice fur coat. It a fun word to say and rolls off the tongue in such a soft and easy way.

Why don't they (the State of California) use a true defining term for the action like "incursionary derailment" or "despoilment" or "subjugationry". Don't these word sound more like what is happening over here with 10% pay cut. Furlough is just a euphenistic term. Makes us feel ageeable and warm and fuzzy, when really it's time to turn the heater off.

Disclaimer: All words in this entry may or may not be in the dictionary. I really like making new words from other words. It's cheap entertainment and I need some of that right now.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Coupon Craze

So my friend Natalie is on a coupon craze. It is mostly fun and sometimes worth it, but not today. To make a long story short, we headed to Longs Drugs with a bazillion coupons. Searching high and low for exact products, harassing the store personnel, all for naught because in order to get the great deal the bazillionth coupon had to work (which, of course it did not). That's OK. I found some Christmas gift tags for 25 cents and I didn't even need a coupon!

Check out Natalie's brainstorm blog (yes I'm a contributor, but I'm mostly, although unintentionally, sabotaging her hard work)

No joke. Natalie is on the phone. I'm heading to Walgreens. Goodnight.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blog Irony

I added a new ad sense to my blog. I do not choose the ad. It is generated by my blog content. The ad selected for this blog is for a flickerless battery operated candle. See Faux Christmas for the irony. HELP!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Moroni, Son of Mormon, Makes Me Happy

I finished the Book of Mormon again on New Year's Eve! It was most definitely a new message this year. The words became more real and extremely personal. What can I say but IT IS TRUE!!

I'm beginning to feel a closeness to certain ancient earthly inhabitants. I figured some of them feel close to me as well, as a select few where able to witness my day and trials. Although the book end is the most horrific and gruesome ordeal, Moroni (son of Mormon) was able to tie things up with lovely councel on charity.
By the end of the year's reading I began to wonder why so little was said concerning the women of the day, but I felt assured their special purpose was to raise and nurture all those beloved prophets. Then low and behold, I read a lovely little message for the women in verse 31 of the last chapter. It says I, O daughter, should go and put on my most beautiful clothing and get to work strengthening the Stakes of Zion. Thanks Moroni!
After this verse, Moroni literally sums up the entire books message in three chapters!!! I can't wait to see him brought triumphant through the air. I feel I may very well meet him in the next life in this most spectacular manner.

I believe I will start 2009 by reading Moroni first!