Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Slow 4 the Cone Zone

Years ago I was driving by my friends house and saw in her driveway an orange highway cone.  Out of habit, I slowed down for the cone zone, mostly out of surprise that she had her own cone.  I told her about the cone, and she was unsure how the cone appeared in her property.  I told her it was a special gift, how it made me slow down, and how I almost felt envious of the cone.  We talked at length about it's  many uses.   I would love my own cone for a few reasons. Laundry piles.  I would strategically place the cone between incoming traffic and folded piles.  Next, when I am sick, tired or sick and tired, I would place the cone directly outside the bedroom door and make a sign that says, "$2 fine for disrupting the silence around my orange cone".  I could use the cone on others.  Mostly teenagers.  When they are acting teenagery, I will place the cone near their room, work space, dining spot, etc.  This orangy beacon will warns the others of possible head on collisions and that all traffic must merge far to the left or right of the cone.  Do not collide with this person's perimeter at the peril of your own life and of course, all infractions fines double if you mess with this coned area!  
Now, I need multiple cones for the Sabbath Day.  I could place them in each room and especially one on the other side of the wall next to my napping head.  I could use one right now.  A cone about 5 feet away from the computer so people would stop looking over my shoulder while they are muscling down a very slimy taco in my ear.  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hanging Out With Uncle Mike

Julia had the chance to record a song with her Uncle Mike (a professional videographer). There wasn't much of a background in his office, so we used all the computer equipment and it looks pretty darn good. Mike really knows how to make everything real nice. Thanks!!! I'll be picking up my iMac on Friday!!! YES!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Defragmenting Fragments

I sit here defragmenting my computer. Fragments are flying through tiny chip highways trying to live, but being rejected and sent down the fragment shute. Tiny little particles of, of fragmented stuff, maybe just numbers 110001011. That's what I remember from my Fortran class back in the 1980s. Maybe there are higher digit floating fragments in the new computer age. And maybe this is all a fragment of my imagination.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Learning styles are fascinating to me. Some people can learn in a variety different ways. You may know that I love to read. I learn a lot from reading books. But actually, I retain very little of what I read. This is why I started a web site. So I could remember what I've read. I'm starting to figure out the Book of Mormon after years of study. Finally!

Some learn through visual or listening. Although I would like to think I am learning during General Conference, the truth is, whether it is on video or the written word, it doesn't stick. Yet, certain messages taught through the spirit have stuck with me over many years.

Sometimes this visual learning block serves me well. I cannot remember movies well, so I can watch them after a few years and enjoy it likes it's the first time.

A large percentage of my retention is through doing and creating! Would that be called a tactile learner? Don't read aloud directions to Monopoly. Let's just start playing and I'll pick it up faster than the guy with the race car. I'll most likely make up some fun new rules too. I cannot remember your phone number if you tell me, but if I look at the phone, next time I'll know exactly which buttons to push. That's why I can call people in the dark.

Math was always easy to me. I rarely read directions, but I could look at an equation and see what needed to be done.

If you read this through, share your aptitoodle! Or if you are a professional, feel free to diagnose me.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Furlough (Pelt Lake) News!

NO go Furlough! Curtis is one of the few who will be working the beat tomorrow with the State of California. The big guy, the judge dude, said that these certain agencies cannot be furloughed by Arnold. It's unconstitutional! No telling what will happen next week. Anyway, I went out and bought an In-N-Out burger to celebrate. There is still some uncertainty, so I did not take the kids.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Girl Meets Book January Selection

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Life of Pi

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