Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh, It's Blogging Time in Nebraska

1. Rachel and Ben have gotten hitched. I am happy about all the help I received from my family and friends. It was fun to meet Ben's family. I only have one regret and I cannot get it out of my mind and it is extremely vain. Here it is: I woke up on the wedding day, took great care in beautifying, packed my personal care items and then, like a fool, forgot to refresh before the reception. As people were showing up I even had forgotten to put my classy shoe on (I was still wearing the boot and a tennis shoe). I did not look at my hair, my face, reapply lipstick or anything. I was too busy enjoying myself and who cares anyway, everyone was looking at the bride and groom. If you have pics of me at the reception please do not post them online. I am pretending I was Queen of Sheba.

2. Took a long drive to Oregon en route to Idaho, where Julia settled into college life and also Megan was hitched. I drove this snow trip solo and officially dislike snow. I cried when I drove over the border to CA. All passengers are wondering how they lived to tell the tale.

3. Started rehab. Well we had a ton of rain this last few weeks. Did you know that when you are in rehab you are not suppose to run, even if the rain is blasting you from all sides on the stormiest, windiest day ever? Well I forgot this for a split second and something feels funny in the old achilles. Anyway, I am now club member and am stretching and lifting and hurting myself every morning. Pam would be proud (have you seen her abs lately?).

4. Theseus and the Minotaur. How many kids can I fit in my living room? About 15. That's how many kids are in my Spring play. Our Minotaur cut out because this version does not have a Minotaur death scene, but I told the other kids if they learned their parts early enough I will write an alternate ending. I am going to make it a bit more violent and dramatic, Homer style, since we homeschoolers do not have to abide by rules and such. Alex is Poseidon and Samuel is Bill.

5. Ward Conferences are almost over! What a kick meeting all the Young Women in the stake. I can see what a force for good, strong and courageous young women they are! Love my calling, but not sure I am up to the task. Am I glad for the help I am getting from others and from above.