Sunday, May 30, 2010

Macho Man and Madeline

Sunday night. 9:59 pm.

Family room on Fremont Street. Woodland CA

5 boys, ages 11-16
1 adult man, age 51 or 52 (I can't remember)

All watching Madeline. The movie. Yep!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

wink wink

I was sitting in church today listening to the prelude music. Glanced over to see one of the cutest little primary kids. I gave a little wink. No response. Another wink from me. No response at all. A few more wink, and I see a little smile coming on, so I give it the old wink wink wink wink and a small cute wave. In the foreground and in the line of wink fire I see another hand wave. It is a man waving sheepishly at me. WHAT is he doing? I focus my gaze at closer range. It is the scout master man. He thinks I am winking at him, he thinks I'm winking and waving. Oh my goodness. I raise my voice and correct him over the organ noise and across the pews, "I am not winking at YOU!!!!" He looks perplexed and I point to the kid beyond him.

Later after Sunday School I meet this man in the hall and give him a good wink. I say, "Now I'm winking at you." As Scout Master man leaves, he smiles and I can't resist but give him a small cute wave.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Breaking Your Fast

Well this little secret came out recently. Apparently one of Samuel's primary friend has a little routine on fast Sunday. The boy, his name rhymes with barter and starts with the letter "C", packages up a store of cereal in his pocket for church on Sunday. After primary this boy, last name is the lengthened name of "Tom", heads to the bathroom to say his "breaking the fast" prayer. Then the cereal is consumed right there, in the bathroom. Well! I questioned Samuel about this practice. I wanted to know if he had partaken? He said once, they had actually sequestered themselves in the LARGE bathroom stall, prayed together, removed the goods from said pocket and shared a meal (in the stall mind you).

What more can I say? Nothing at all.