Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coming Back to the Fold!

It is Saturday.  I'm going back on Facebook today!  I have something really important to say to the world and it cannot wait!  And I feel out of touch!  Besides, I've got to see how my husband is doing anyway.  

All of you who thought I was a strong willed person , think twice!

I vaguely remember my new password, something about addiction or the 12 step Facebook anonymous program.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

facebook hiatus

I'm officially taking a break from Facebook!!!  YES.  I have had a great summer eavesdropping on everyone's life, photos, information.  I especially have enjoyed responding to FB friends ups and downs.

Years ago I took the plunge and said goodbye to T.V.  What a wonderful thing that was.  I'm not so sure I will be as happy about getting off Facebook, as it is so much more entertaining.  I will give myself a week.  I have not taken myself off the social network.  I should know in a weeks time how I feel about the facebook fast. 

I have changed my password and made it so difficult to remember that I cannot get on without working things out with the password police.  I have taken it off my bookmarks, and this morning actually felt relieved about it.  It was license to refocus on my own family (which was the purpose of getting FB in the first place).   

Anyway, all you FB friends (I took my twitter bookmark off too, but may have to get back on this because I get into Julia's mind through this medium) who read this blog, you can call me or email me or better yet, just come over!  I love you ALL!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Costco Photo

I wrote this entry last spring for another blog, but I was using my own advice today at my beloved Costco.

Costco has a great price on 4x6 photos. 13 cents!!! I made 150 photos of my Mom for around $20 for her funeral. The folks who attended loved them.

Here are some ideas for using your 13 cent print.

1. A marriage anouncement photo in glossy or matte (I will not be needing this advice anytime soon, right?)!
2. Kid photo postcards (put the photos on tagboard and send them across the planet).
3. A special gift with all your photos. You can have a spectacular DVD made there for only $14.99.
4. How about a 13 cents glamour shot for your valentine.
5. Take pictures of places around town and do a treasure hunt!
6. For 13 cents you can take a picture of your kids room when it is clean and frame it.
7. Send a family photo along to the IRS with your tax return.
8. Download a picture of _________ and use it for dart practice.
9. Take a picture of your baseball team and save money on team pictures!!!

I mean for 13 cents, you can't go wrong.  I'm doing a really fun idea for my church primary choir!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


An object may consistently gravitate homeward, to its parental pull, yet there is a time, a force, a strong industrial size power, which known senses alone cannot detect, that reels the object to another, more meaningful mass.     ~c. stapp