Thursday, November 4, 2010

Controlled Freak

I'm a controlled freak. Or better said, I am consistently and consciously controlling myself from controlling others.

1. My kids can do almost anything, generally not as good as I can (like writing skits for general audiences) and that's ok. At age 47, I know how to back away and say, go for it.

2. It is really fine when underlings fail. Even if it is a reflection on me. I can redeem myself thru myself. (are you following this) And if I don't redeem myself, I don't look back anymore. (see #7, memory loss)

3. I've learned the art of not so subtle persuasion when people are not choosing well. For some reason it works for me. Like texting: Get To Seminary or Else!! Next day the kid is at seminary.

4. Hug a certain boy even if he doesn't know who is boss. Squeeze real tight.

5. I cannot control the weather, but most people think I can. (baseball days rarely any rain, perfect weather for science camp...the list goes on)

6. I thoroughly enjoy seeing young people take control. For some unknown reason I wince when adults take charge. At times I am pleasantly surprised and do not feel threatened by their success. I give praise where praise is due, but I sadly foresee where I'm going to end up if I don't control judgements.

7. I have a short memory. This helps me forget my failures and mistakes. I can take anything on. I could easily control the world or at least my part of it, but I'm trying to be a controlled freak.

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