Sunday, January 30, 2011

blogging becomes me

I was reading my blog for the first time in forever because someone said they had read it and I was curious. What was my blog about? I skimmed it through this for-to-mentioned person's eyes and concluded that blogging becomes me. I am not a great speaker, and I'm not glamorous by any means, but I was laughing at the blog and thinking--yes, blogging becomes me.

So anyhow, I go to thy gym and work out really hard most days. But I don't look like HER-er, and I am guessing I never will. 'Hey, muscle woman. Hey, yes you there with the controlled skin, the skin that loves your body, I'm flabby, but blogging becomes me, so check me...I mean my blog out girlfriend."

I'm sure she'll read it too, then she'll see me in a different light, because, dom dom dom...blogging becomes me!!!

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