Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Conference Notes

Elder David A. Bednar -The coming and spirit of Elijah! Our ancestors-they without us cannot become perfect, us without them cannot become perfect. For the youth - Do not wait! You have the resources to bring forth the spirit of Elijah. Learn about and experience the spirit of Elijah. Do the work in the temple. As you respond to this invitation, your heart will return to your fathers. My Alex sent info to Elder Bednard office at the request of our Stake Presidency and Elder Bednard's office. Elder Bednard did not refer to Alex's temple work and experience, but here it is.

Alex Stapp

Alex has been able to attend the temple often with his ward and family. His dad, Curtis Stapp, had the idea that he did not want to wait until the children were grown to be with them in the temple. At age 12, Alex was able to go with his family to do a temple baptism for his great grandfather in the Sacramento Temple. Now at 15, Alex feels blessed to have done the genealogy and baptismal work for many of his ancestors.

One of his greatest moments in the temple was doing the work for an adopted "grandparent". For years, his family served his neighbor Don. Don and Lorraine, his lovely wife, had no children and required much assistance because of illness. For years, Alex helped this elderly couple with grocery shopping, yard work and small errands. On May 25, 2007, Don passed away. Lorraine died a few days later (during Don's funeral). On July 6, 2010 Alex was finally able to enter the temple with his family and perform the needed baptism for Don. What a joyous occasion! He truly feels that Don and Lorraine have accepted the gospel.

When asked how he feels when he is working in the temple, Alex says, "I feel like I'm home."

Elder Neil A. Anderson - Multiply and replenish the earth. Have faith, bring your family to earth. Don't delay. Your child can come to earth humbly as the Savior himself.

Do not judge other who are not bearing children. These decisions are for a husband and wife. What a wonderful blessing we have to bring children to our home. They bring happiness, but it's no picnic, haha

Ian S. Ardern (of the Seventy) - He who is faithful is worthy to inherit the mansions of the Father. What time we have we must use wisely. Alma: this life is a probationary state, or a time to meet God. Let us be as quick to kneel as we are to text! Paul: Ye are no more strangers and follower, but fellow citizens of the saints. Devote time that matter most, the things of God matter most. Read and study from the scriptures each day. Draw nearer to Him. Seek from the best books, he will give us knowledge. Grind to dust the time wasting activities! Review what we are doing to prepare to meet God. Loved this message. I needed these words.

Carl B. Cook (of the Seventy) - Believe in God. The prophets redirect our vision. They lead us to God. Look up. Faith to look up and courage to follow His direction. As we look up and step up we will cheer up!

Legrand R. Curtis Jr. (of the Seventy) - How complete redemption's grand design!!! The plan of redemption requires our best effort even though we can never repay the Savior for his sacrifice.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson (Apostle) - Repentance is a divine gift. It should put a smile on our face. It is cause for true celebration. The invitation to repent is a message of love. Repentance means a striving to change. We seek his grace to reward our most diligent effort. Too much to include, but so powerful. Thank you Elder Christofferson! The best word about the remembrance of our sins, "and I the Lord will remember them no more." So as time goes by we forget them also, the pain and remembrance is replace by the opposite, complete joy! See Alma.

L. Tom Perry (Apostle) - Examples of the believers.
1. Declare you belief in Jesus Christ
2. Be an example of His teachings
3. Engage in conversation of these truths. There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fears. Speak about the church, communicate directly, honestly.

Share feelings and beliefs. A spirit of love and courage will be your constant companion as you share. I try to do this and I what Elder Perry says it true. I feel so much love for others.

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